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In November 2014, we removed two releases from distribution: Swallowing Shit’s Anthology and Head Hits Concrete’s Thy Kingdom Come Undone +9.

A member of both of these bands committed a sexual assault in 1997, which we were aware of at the time. Before releasing the Swallowing Shit album three years later, we failed to contact the survivor to hear what impact our releasing the album would have on her, and what her wishes were in this regard. When she became aware of the album’s pending release, she came to us and requested a public apology for this failure. We deferred, delayed, and ultimately ignored her, instead attaching an entirely inadequate (and frankly embarrassing) disclaimer to the release on this website.

These events have recently resurfaced, and we have been compelled to reexamine our thoughts and actions from the time. We clearly failed to consider – and then ignored when confronted with – the wishes of a survivor of sexual assault, instead privileging the interests of the other members of the band(s) and our own interests documenting their contributions to the Winnipeg music scene. This is certainly inconsistent with the politics we hold today.

Survivors of sexual assault need to have their voices heard and their wishes taken seriously. We sincerely apologize for failing miserably in this regard.

(These events resurfaced in this discussion thread on the Escape Velocity Radio website.)