G7 Welcoming Committee Records. Uncooperative since 1997.

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About Us

Mission Statement

The G7 Welcoming Committee is committed to bringing the existing human social order into balance, thereby allowing the evolutionary process that has guided and nurtured life on this planet for millions of years to continue unabated. To this end and through the independent production and distribution of audio related materials, we seek to underwrite activities that encourage persons to actively seek out life's douche-bags for the express purpose of disobeying them.

A Brief History of G7

By Stephen Hawking Chris

8:00 AM, day one. Plan a G7 compilation CD. Drink a beer. Set-up intercom purchased at garage sale. Celebrate grand opening.

This is your brain on entrepeneurship

Fig. 1 Tony Brummel

3:00 PM, day two. Read first chapter of "Releasing an Independent Record" by Gary Hustwit of SST Records, which could've been alternately titled "How To Create An Environment Even Shittier Than K-Mart." BORING. Yeah, if I wanted to be a square bean-counting paper-pushing anus scanning the indie scene for pre-fab commodities, I'd have applied at (insert name of "cutting-edge indie" label here). Drink beers son!

1997 - 2004: Put out some records. Some of them actually good, if you can believe it (I can't).

2004 - present: Come to the realization that bands exist solely to break up, and are therefore incidental to G7's raison d'etre, which is basically to be dicks to people who read more than one chapter of Gary Hustwit's book. (See Fig. 1)

July 12th, 2005: Chris sets up intercom again. Uses it to ask Derek when we're going to have a site redesign.