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The Rebel Spell

With the help of Tony Robbins self help program The Rebel Spell have unleashed the power within to move beyond fears of insects and terrorists, as well as limiting beliefs like the ones in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy or even God. They have harnessed the ability to accomplish goals like who can hold their breath the longest and realize true desires beyond worldly ones like food and shelter, or finishing Super Mario 3. They have turned dreams into reality and with the help of LSD, reality into dreams. Here is their true Hollywood North story.

It happened exactly 11 months and 18 days after the heinous Enemy Attack of September 11, 2001. It was a Thursday, and raining outside. It was almost September again. The word on the street was a guy named Jesus already came and went and Christmas might be cancelled thanks to some Muslim. The farm animals were planning a revolt. The fall TV line up was about to begin.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy a punk band was about to be forged. A punk rock band that would capitalize on the threat and fear of this new post 911 world that had been created. A punk rock band with an intention to brainwash people with overtly catchy and political music. That would offer DIY cCD for as low as 3 bucks at shows, often free. Knowing the music would spread like a virus. Then Bam! Jack up the prices to 5 or 8 bucks while on tour, and make a slaughtering amount of money. The plan was unstoppable. This band would be rich and rule the world with a huge tour bus and groupies hanging out constantly showing their tits.

Back on earth, Todd finally tiring of being known as small town, amateur sword collecting, dungeons and dragons nerd, had decided there was no money to be made in playing fantasy games unless your selling Warcraft currency on E-Bay. He first recruited his legions of battle orcs (Stepha) to smash battle drums on the rock n' rollin' march into war, against evil doers. Stepha was like "Yah boyeeeeze, let's party!" She was totally down with playing without a bra. Then came a response from Wretched Erin to a Georgia Straight ad Todd had placed. The ad read, "Looking for hot chick to rip it up on guitar! Influences; Radiohead, Slayer, Sublime! Hendrix! Needs van and gear. No stoners." Erin promptly replied an answering machine message saying, "I'm fuckin' ready to kill this mofo!". She dropped her other lesbian band and decided to risk it all with a couple of gender confused nerds. Thirdly and lastly there was long time pal and recent flat mate Chris, previously of former bands, Chi Chi and the WisenHoopers and HoopenWolf. Concluding this as an opportunity to finally make friends, money and possible acceptance into any sort of scene, Chris begged for a part in the band with promises of increasing marketability and coolness. Tada! The Rebel Spell was formed.

The Rebel Spell are known to like shiny things and Taco Bell. As well as wicked awesome band orgies. As the true self-proclaimed defenders of democracy, they have sworn with every breath you take to support the fight against terror by promoting the sale of "Support Our Troops" ribbon magnets. They sound really good when you are a bit high, and Erin the guitar specialist is so damn fine. Stepha bakes scrumptious home-made buns, with seeds in them. Todd can whittle a shiv out of a shoe in 10 minutes flat and Chris enjoys playing kick ball with friends at recess.

Rebel Spell

Todd (vocals), Erin (guitar, vocals), Chris (bass, vocals), Stepha (drums).

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