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  • Artist: Subhumans
  • Album: New Dark Age Parade
  • Release Date: September 12th, 2006
  • Catalogue Number: g7044
  • Formats: CD
  • Running Time: 46:17
  • Track Listing:
    1. World at War
    2. Celebrity
    3. People of the Plague
    4. Mindless Tough Guy Act
    5. Shut Your Eyes
    6. Clash of the Intransigents
    7. Moving Forward
    8. Daisy Cutter
    9. Nowhere to Run Anymore
    10. Life Sure Can Suck
    11. In Good Company
    12. Blood, Sweat and Beers
    13. I Got Religion
    14. Modern Business


26 years ago an obscure band from Vancouver Canada put out a little record called Incorrect Thoughts and accidentally changed the course of and secured their place in Canadian music history. The Subhumans had arrived.

For many people, a place in the annals of music history might serve as a life's justification, but not for Subhuman's bassist Gerry Hannah. In the course of wanting to make his politics something more tangible than mere commentary in a world gone completely mad, Gerry went underground and inadvertently secured his place in the annals of armed struggle in Canada: in 1984, he was convicted as a member of the Vancouver 5 in the bombing of a weapons-systems plant in Toronto, where Litton Industries manufactured guidance systems for Boeing's strategic cruise missile program.

Reduced to "fanatics" and "zealots" in the "alternative" press of the day by no less than such cozy and well-heeled cultural icons as Steve Albini and Warren "Smithers" Kinsella, we fast forward 26 years later and what do we find? Well, for one, we find thousands upon thousands of civilian men, women and children reduced to "collateral damage" as Litton's Inertial Navigation Element continues to guide the US military's AGM-86 blast-fragmentation warhead to its myriad targets in distant, foreign lands in the name of geopolitical supremacy.

It is within the context of this completely pleasureless and colossal I-told-you-so that we also find the 3 original members of the classic Subhumans line-up (Mike Graham, Brian "Wimpy" Goble and Gerry "Useless" Hannah) enlisting living drum legend Jon Card (DOA/ SNFU) to bring their wrath to bear upon this modern age of utter shit disguised as punk.

This latest release from the Subhumans, entitled New Dark Age Parade, is a collection of 14 new classics and marks the first time since 1982 that Mike, Brian and Gerry have written as the Subhumans. The chemistry lives: New Dark Age Parade is every bit as desperate, powerful and pissed right off as their seminal work; seething and urgent in a world run by fucking fools.

People just don't make music like this anymore. You can't fake this shit. Anybody who remembers the influential Western Canadian punk scene of the early to mid 80's knows what I'm talking about. These guys have been around too long to be bothered trying to sound like anything else.