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  • Artist: John K. Samson
  • Album: Little Pictures
  • Release Date: August 29th, 2006
  • Catalogue Number: g7045
  • Formats: Digital
  • Running Time: 22:29
  • Track Listing:
    1. Maryland Bridge
    2. Sunday Afternoon
    3. Sympathetic Smile
    4. Farewell Faded Memory
    5. Saint Cecilia
    6. Little Pictures


In 1993, while baggy-shorted skateboarders were moshing it up to the debut album How To Clean Everything, Propagandhi bass player John K. Samson had other things on his mind. Wizards? Unicorns? Little blue doctors? Well, yes, yes and of course, but more importantly, John was yearning for a quieter, gentler kind of song. So in between tours around 1993/1994, John did some solo recordings. These be them, in all of their original glory.

These songs were originally released by G7 (in a very early incarnation) with crappy photocopied inserts in mylar pouches on a split CD with Painted Thin in 1995.