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  • Artist: Painted Thin
  • Album: Small Acts of Love and Rebellion
  • Release Date: August 29th, 2006
  • Catalogue Number: g7046
  • Formats: Digital
  • Running Time: 24:05
  • Track Listing:
    1. Legacy of Boxes
    2. Disposable Song
    3. Lighthouse
    4. Breakdown
    5. Tearing Down My Clubhouse
    6. Clearly Contrived
    7. Untitled (From the Windows of Exiles)
    8. Still Calling


G7 paid for this recording back in 1995 and $3000 un-recouped dollars later we were stoked to discover that the band had subsequently granted some label in Germany the right to re-release it without ever telling us. Around the same time, bassist/vocalist Paul Furgale spear-headed an activist group called Men Against Men's Violence, which I now suspect was simply a clever ploy to persuade us not to kick his ass in response.

The 8 tracks on this EP certainly capture a well-intentioned (if sometimes poorly-executed) time in Winnipeg music history when bands were attempting to engage in some sort of dialogue with the listener about things that maybe mattered. Yes. Ahem.

These songs also debut the singing and songwriting skills of Weakerthans guitarist Stephen Carroll. Hearing this 10 years later, one can understand indeed why he would "crouch in a corner." Ouch!

These songs were originally released by G7 (in a very early incarnation) with crappy photocopied inserts in mylar pouches on a split CD with John K. Samson.