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  • Artist: Giant Sons
  • Album: Anthology
  • Release Date: August 29th, 2006
  • Catalogue Number: g7049
  • Formats: Digital
  • Running Time: 01:06:00
  • Track Listing:
    1. A Knife in the Dark
    2. Coniferous
    3. Going Off The Rails
    4. Fields And Foothills
    5. Deciduous
    6. Pronouncing The Sentence
    7. The Motive For Metaphor
    8. Pronouncing The Motive For The Dark Over Fields And Foothills (remix by Blunderspublik)
    9. Thunder Rolls
    10. This Is Not A Throwdown
    11. Minneapolis
    12. Open Fire
    13. Soundtrack For The Dream Sequence From "Hitman's Run"
    14. Anyone Want To Buy My Bass Amp?
    15. Repairing The Damaged Beard


It's a well known fact that on September 11th, 2001 a tragedy of biblical proportions struck the Western world when bassist Dave Tkatch pulled his fingers through his own sweating bum-cheeks, across his taint and balls and subsequently proceeded to place said fingers in the mouth of a sleeping guitarist named David Guillas (aka The Beaver, now of Propagandhi).

What historians DON'T tell you is that on that same day 19 terrorists flew two hi-jacked planes into the World Trade Center in New York (a city in the northeastern United States).

But seriously ladies and germs! Take my wife ... please!

No, OK, really ... if there were two records we wished we had something to do with when they were originally released, but didn't (and weren't allowed to pick "Ride the Lightning" or "At War With Satan"), those two records would probably be Consonance and Dark Satanic Mills by Winnipeg's Giant Sons.

Thankfully, it is said that Allah smiles upon the righteous, and we are therefore pleased to bask in the posthumous rays of glory that come with re-releasing these slabs of meditative, meandering pre- cambrian rock.

Anthology combines both of the aforementioned independently-released albums (Consonance and Dark Satanic Mills) plus two rad unreleased tracks recorded shortly before their demise, for a total of 15 compositions of churning, rapt, instrumental genius.