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  • Artist: Head Hits Concrete
  • Album: Thy Kingdom Come Undone (+9)
  • Release Date: August 28th, 2007
  • Catalogue Number: g7052
  • Formats: Digital
  • Running Time: 01:00:29
  • Track Listing:
    1. Writers And Actors
    2. Nails Hammered Into A Coffin
    3. Execution, Police Style
    4. The Practical Impossibility of Denying Emotion
    5. Beacon to the World
    6. Capsize In Unison
    7. Shit The Bed
    8. No Longer Among Us
    9. Dependence
    10. Letter to the Editor
    11. The Anal Cavity Is Coming Up Roses
    12. Racial Warrior
    13. Writers and Actors
    14. Execution, Police Style
    15. Colonial Syndrome
    16. Ordination
    17. Apparatus
    18. Dead Children, He Laughed
    19. Dear Penthouse Letters
    20. Disgrace Land
    21. Fucking Stinking Pile Of Shit
    22. Nature's Expression
    23. The Practical Impossibility of Denying Emotion
    24. Of This Divide
    25. Stabbed at 6, News At 11
    26. The New Old Fucking Idiot
    27. Day One
    28. The Pastor's Cock Is In My Mouth (Hooray!)
    29. (Your Name Here) Eats Fucking Lead (Columbine Snowball Remix)
    30. We Love E. Coli
    31. Jubilee
    32. Hole in the Head
    33. Mechanical Separation
    34. Intent, Action, Effect
    35. Cancer of the Side of the Face
    36. You Came Searching
    37. Bottom Lining
    38. Neo-Nazi Public Execution
    39. Forcible Confinement
    40. Bent Until Broken
    41. Status Quo
    42. Fraud, History and Market Economies
    43. Penal Abortion
    44. Inanimate Consuming Animate
    45. Breathing Futility
    46. Talk about the Passion
    47. Excerpts
    48. Cataract
    49. I Shit God
    50. You Never Learned to Dream
    51. Mitaquay Owaysin Demo
    52. Jubilee (with Nagasaki Fondue)
    53. Cornered Rat (Heresy Cover)
    54. Lowlife (Crossed Out cover)
    55. Neo-Nazi Public Execution (live on UMFM)
    56. I Shit God (live at The Albert)
    57. Cataract (live at some shithole)


Rising from the literal and aesthetic ashes of SWALLOWING SHIT, Winnipeg's HEAD HITS CONCRETE pummeled and bashed and weirded and jarred their way through 5 years of existence before choking on their own vomit in 2004. We now present their entire recorded output of this all-out insanity in one digital album.

This thing rules. If the medium is the message, then the message here is "Dear occupant, there is a bulldozer full of screaming, maladjusted bangers being dropped from 13,000 feet from the cargo hold of a C-130 Hercules onto your location in T minus 3 seconds. The bulldozer is also on fire".

As if that weren't enough, vocalist Mike "Soiled Depends" Alexander was kind enough to provide us with a swear breakdown of the release. We offer here for your perusal:

Fuck: 43
Shit: 13
Goddamn: 5
Ass: 2
Cock: 2
bastard(s): 2
Asshole: 1
Ass: 1

This aural bloodbath features the band's complete studio output along with material from splits with My Minds Mine and Bodies Lay Broken; live tracks; cover songs of Crossed Out and Heresy; as well as some new, previously-unreleased live material; and the impossible to find "Tour" EP.