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Friday, February 19th, 2010

New Propagandhi benefit EP April 6th

Hi everybody! Hope you’ve had a good year. We’ve spent it surfin’ the net, and we now have tendonitis.

Anyway, April 6th sees a digital-only release of 3 songs recovered from the 1993-1996-era Propagandhi vaults. The Recovered EP features two cover tunes and one original (featuring a member of the Weakerthans on vocals — relax, it’s not Steve Carroll) found amidst the rubble of the How To Clean Everything and Less Talk, More Rock sessions. Accompanying the release is a 19-page digital booklet in which Chris drones on endlessly about recording techniques or some shit.

All net proceeds benefit the Partners In Health organization, so quit whining about the fact that it’s only 8.5 minutes long and plunk down your cash.

No, this doesn’t mean that we’ve come out of label hibernation. It just means that Chris blackmailed me with compromising photos of Lierre Keith, Michael Pollan and myself enjoying a “humanely-raised” steak dinner. Naked. Wearing nipple-clamps.

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Download two new songs and pre-order “Supporting Caste” now

Perhaps you’re interested in downloading two songs from Propagandhi’s forthcoming opus Supporting Caste? Perhaps you also feel that activist organizations who are trying to make this planet less of a shit-hole are worth supporting? If you answered yes to both those questions, then you’re in luck!

Why? Because by making a small donation to one of three of said organizations, you can download “Supporting Caste” and “Humane(e) Meat” — two stellar tracks off of said forthcoming opus — in high-quality MP3 format right now.

But wait, there’s more … as of today you can also place a pre-order for the new album, and receive an amazing 18″ x 24″ colour poster, plus a link to download the entire album on the release date. This offer only stands until March 10th, so take your fingers out of your nostrils, place them on your keyboard and mouse respectively, and get to it!

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Propagandhi’s “Supporting Caste” out March 10th

Yee-haw, eat yer grandpa! Propagandhi have completed their 5th studio album, and will unleash it onto this fragile, precious world on the 10th of March, year of our Lord 2009.

Supporting Caste holds 12 new laments, reveries and extrapolations from 4 visibly-aging … aw fuck it, just read the press release here.

I will, however, say the following about Supporting Caste:

  • it features amazing cover art by the great Kent Monkman;
  • it is being released thricely: digital download (via this here website, and all the other usual suspects), CD (digipack), and double LP (gatefold);
  • we are co-releasing the album with our buds at Smallman Records (and by “co-release” we of course mean “they do everything”);
  • it presents a bold, delicious proposal to end the long-standing vegetarian/meat-eater conflict.

Stay tuned for info on when and how a preview MP3 will be made available.

Oh, and the boys will be on tour in Australia, the US, the UK and Europe for much of February, March and April.

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Here’s what the hell is going on in dodge.

As you can see, we were not joking when we said we were not releasing any more music. We are, in fact, not. Just to reiterate — G7 has entered an indefinite stage of hibernation during which we will release no new music, but simply maintain our existing back-catalogue in high-quality, DRM-free, downloadable form.

CDs which we currently have in stock continue to be available for sale in our online store until that stock runs out. We will not be manufacturing any more CDs in the future.

Now that that clarification is out of the way, I may as well update the curious on the latest with G7-affiliated peoples …
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Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

This Time It’s Personal

Greetings earthlings. Today marks the release of G7’s 57th and final release of audio excrement out into this troubled sphere. It’s called This Time It’s Personal and it was crafted by one Chris Pastor, aka Jamaica Plain.

At first we didn’t know why his music was so bizarre and eccentric. He was, after all, from Boston, home of such clearly non-eccentric luminaries as Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn. But then we found he was now living in Sweden and it all made sense. Those people are freaks (see examples.)

Speaking of old Zinn-meister, here’s what he had to say about This Time It’s Personal:

We just listened to your wonderful new CD [sic] — it is as you want it to be — up-front and very powerful, with the words coming at you, entering into your consciousness. It is a really important thing you’ve done. Each one of the pieces is great.

The man certainly has a way with words, doesn’t he? And who are you to argue with him — he wrote the fucking People’s History of the United States!

Download This Time It’s Personal today – and also check out the recently-posted video for I Won’t Run (which, if viewed cynically, could be interpreted as endorsing suicide bombings. But we’re not cynics! And we don’t endorse suicide bombings. Nor do we endorse F16 aerial bombings. Unless you’re blowing up an F16 with a suicide bomb, that’s OK.)

You can also find the album on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and other inter-web locations.