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Monday, October 20th, 2008

Here’s what the hell is going on in dodge.

As you can see, we were not joking when we said we were not releasing any more music. We are, in fact, not. Just to reiterate — G7 has entered an indefinite stage of hibernation during which we will release no new music, but simply maintain our existing back-catalogue in high-quality, DRM-free, downloadable form.

CDs which we currently have in stock continue to be available for sale in our online store until that stock runs out. We will not be manufacturing any more CDs in the future.

Now that that clarification is out of the way, I may as well update the curious on the latest with G7-affiliated peoples …

Propagandhi are currently in the studio recording their new album. It is tentatively titled “Not My President” and is rumoured to contain new songs played by the members of the band. It will be released at some point in the future, in some format which will allow you to listen to it, via a method that is yet-to-be-determined.

Greg MacPherson has at this point written a few albums worth of new songs, and is planning to record in the near future. Please email him and ask him to enlist me to play drums on his new record. He won’t return my phone calls.

The Subhumans have just released a compilation of out-of-print 7″s on a CD/LP called Death Was To Kind. It’s out on Alternative Tentacles right now.

GFK are also working on a new album, which will “surprise most of you with a new trash metal sound colored with breakdowns.” I, for one, am also surprised by breakdowns in hardcore songs. Said album is expected to reveal itself by the end of next year. Plus, Jessy is apparently a dad now. I actually don’t have any sarcastic comments to make about this news, as he is the only member in the band that does not scare the shit out of me in the role of “daddy.”

Declan De Barra, formerly of Clann ZĂș, has a new album entitled A Fire To Scare the Sun which will be released shortly. He also has a giant mop of hair now, which is funny.

Lee Raback, former MC of the still-amazing warsawpack, has a few songs available to check out on MySpace under the name Lee Reed.

Norman Nawrocki continues to tour with his educational and hilarious sex shows, and is publishing a series of books called the Brain Food Trilogy (the first of which, Breakfast for Anarchists, is available now.) If poetry does in fact feed your brain, as opposed to hurting it (like it does mine), then you imght want to check it out.

I think that’s about it for now folks. We’re trying to keep the tour dates on this site relatively up-to-date as well, but you’re probably better off to follow the bands’ sites more closely for the most current dates.

One last note to American readers — Barack Obama is just the figurehead of one of two pro-war, big-business parties in your country. He will not save the world. Unicorns will not frolic in the streets upon his (likely) inauguration.

He will, however, probably write a really great memoir after his time as president is done, in which he will reflect on — and maybe even apologize for — all the mistakes he made in bombing innocent civilians in his new, amped-up war in Afghanistan (and wherever else his administration takes the U.S. war machine in the years ahead.)