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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Propagandhi’s “Supporting Caste” out March 10th

Yee-haw, eat yer grandpa! Propagandhi have completed their 5th studio album, and will unleash it onto this fragile, precious world on the 10th of March, year of our Lord 2009.

Supporting Caste holds 12 new laments, reveries and extrapolations from 4 visibly-aging … aw fuck it, just read the press release here.

I will, however, say the following about Supporting Caste:

  • it features amazing cover art by the great Kent Monkman;
  • it is being released thricely: digital download (via this here website, and all the other usual suspects), CD (digipack), and double LP (gatefold);
  • we are co-releasing the album with our buds at Smallman Records (and by “co-release” we of course mean “they do everything”);
  • it presents a bold, delicious proposal to end the long-standing vegetarian/meat-eater conflict.

Stay tuned for info on when and how a preview MP3 will be made available.

Oh, and the boys will be on tour in Australia, the US, the UK and Europe for much of February, March and April.