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Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Download two new songs and pre-order “Supporting Caste” now

Perhaps you’re interested in downloading two songs from Propagandhi’s forthcoming opus Supporting Caste? Perhaps you also feel that activist organizations who are trying to make this planet less of a shit-hole are worth supporting? If you answered yes to both those questions, then you’re in luck!

Why? Because by making a small donation to one of three of said organizations, you can download “Supporting Caste” and “Humane(e) Meat” — two stellar tracks off of said forthcoming opus — in high-quality MP3 format right now.

But wait, there’s more … as of today you can also place a pre-order for the new album, and receive an amazing 18″ x 24″ colour poster, plus a link to download the entire album on the release date. This offer only stands until March 10th, so take your fingers out of your nostrils, place them on your keyboard and mouse respectively, and get to it!