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Friday, February 19th, 2010

New Propagandhi benefit EP April 6th

Hi everybody! Hope you’ve had a good year. We’ve spent it surfin’ the net, and we now have tendonitis.

Anyway, April 6th sees a digital-only release of 3 songs recovered from the 1993-1996-era Propagandhi vaults. The Recovered EP features two cover tunes and one original (featuring a member of the Weakerthans on vocals — relax, it’s not Steve Carroll) found amidst the rubble of the How To Clean Everything and Less Talk, More Rock sessions. Accompanying the release is a 19-page digital booklet in which Chris drones on endlessly about recording techniques or some shit.

All net proceeds benefit the Partners In Health organization, so quit whining about the fact that it’s only 8.5 minutes long and plunk down your cash.

No, this doesn’t mean that we’ve come out of label hibernation. It just means that Chris blackmailed me with compromising photos of Lierre Keith, Michael Pollan and myself enjoying a “humanely-raised” steak dinner. Naked. Wearing nipple-clamps.